Benefits of Using Turf Rolls

Lawn can provide a variety of garden benefits and goes far beyond aesthetics. Other benefits of grass include absorbing rainwater, neutralizing pollutants, cleaning the air, minimizing erosion, and limiting runoff. Here is an overview of the top five benefits of installing a lawn in the garden:

Soil erosion

Turf rolls are great for stabilizing dust and preventing soil erosion. Regular wind and rain can cause serious problems with soil erosion. But, this is easily stabilized by applying a layer of grass to the lawn. Once the grass is established and the roots penetrate the soil, they will help hold the soil together and prevent future movement. Also, a very dense layer of grass can help avoid problems with dirt and dust particles.To buy the best turf in Sydney, visit

Rain absorption

Turf is useful for its ability to minimize rainwater runoff and captures more water to benefit groundwater supplies. By slowing down the movement of rainwater, it is possible to penetrate the soil more efficiently and provide better growth in the garden. A well-maintained lawn of approximately 8,000 square feet has the potential to absorb nearly 5,500 gallons after heavy rain.

Minimize noise and glare

The grass is great at softening the glare of sunlight because it can provide a surface that is not reflective. Planting a varied mix of plants, shrubs, and trees can also help absorb a significant amount of noise. Gardens that are mostly hard surfaces like stone or concrete are more likely to reflect sound. Adding plants and grass to the garden can help reduce the noise level by about 25-30 percent.