Construction Businesses Relies on Aluminum Formwork Technology

The Aluminum formwork system is a system for forming the cast-in-place concrete structure for a building. It is also a system for scheduling and controlling the work of other construction trades such as steel reinforcement, concrete placement, and mechanical and electrical trades.

The formwork system of aluminum forms has been used in the construction of thousands of residential units in both low rise and high rise buildings. It has been proven to be very successful in the construction of mass housing projects in various parts of the world. It is fast, simple, adaptable, and very cost-effective. You can also visit for aluminum formwork system.

This is a unique system because it forms all of the concrete in a building including columns, beams, walls, floor slabs, staircases, shafts, window hoods, balconies, lift areas, and most of the decorative features in exact accordance with the architect's design. 

Unlike other construction systems, the aluminum forms can be erected by unskilled/semi-skilled laborers and without the installation of hoisting cranes, as 99% of the equipment is made of hard aluminum, and only 1% comprises steel. The weights of each component are kept at not more than 30 kilograms which can easily be handled by a single worker. 

The panels and other sections are secured and fixed by steel pins and wedges with spacer ties and can be assembled by a simple hammer. Using an aluminum formwork system eliminates the need for skilled workers.