Golden Water Drops: A Black Jewel Collection

What is a Black Jewel?

Black Jewelry is a term used to describe pieces of jewelry that are made of all black materials. This includes metals, stones, and other craft materials. If you are searching for a good pair of Black Jewel Collection, then you need to understand that these are elegant patterns of blue water drops on a black background. The delicate, shaded design is paired with a beautiful golden frame to create an exquisite piece that you'll be proud to wear.

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The 18 pieces in the black jewel collection are as follows: 

– Golden Drop of Water 1 

– Golden Drop of Air 1 

– Golden Drop of Earth 1 

– Golden Drop of Fire 2 

– Golden Drop of Light 2 

– Golden Drop of Shadow 2 

– Golden Drop of Moon 3 

– Golden Drop of Sun 3 

– Golden Drop of Stars 4

How to Find a Black Jewel?

A black jewel is a beautiful, rare and unique piece of jewelry. It’s no wonder they can be so hard to find. Here are four tips for finding a black jewel: 

1. Search online. There are many online resources for finding black jewels.

2. Look in antique shops. Black jewels tend to be popular antiques, so chances are good that you’ll find them at an antique shop. 

3. Check out secondhand stores. Black jewels often go quick, so it’s worth checking out secondhand stores in your area to see if they have any in stock. 

4. Attend gem shows. If you don’t live near an antique or secondhand store, then attending a gem show might be your best bet for finding a black jewel.


We hope you've enjoyed our gallery of golden water drops! Whether you're looking for a unique gift, or just want to add some glamour to your own home, these water droplets are sure to make an impact. We would love to see what you create with them in the comments below!