Information on Sublimation T-Shirts Design

Many experiments have been carried out with different natural fibers and blended natural fibers. For most true sublimation printing on fabrics, it is best to use a polyester fabric.

Some report success with 50/50 cotton t-shirts, but most prefer to use available digital printers that have the correct ink to adhere to cotton ink or screen printing ink, which can also be used for formulated cotton or 50/50 t-shirts. suitable.

The dye is printed onto a paper known as sublimation paper or sublimation transfer paper and then transferred to the polyester fabric used in the garment using heat and pressure.

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What happens during the printing process?

Due to the chemistry involved with these dyes, heat, and pressure turn the dye into a gas, it actually becomes part of the substrate that is being fused.

Heat not only converts the dye into a gas but also expands the pores of the polyester or polymer (eg polymer coatings on various substrates or materials) and allows the gas to be drawn into the pores.

As soon as the substrate cools down again, the pores close, and the dye becomes firmly and permanently embedded in the mesh or polymer material. This color is also resistant to fading and will likely last for years.

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