Italian Black Truffle Salt

Bold and earthy! Sea Salt and Black Truffle Salt really is the best available. It's all-natural and isn't flavored artificially at all. This makes it a very popular choice in cookery.

The most common use for sea salt is seasoning bread, such as tortillas, or creating your own hand-ground black truffle salt chips for sprinkling on pasta dishes. But it can also be used to season a wide variety of other foods, such as potatoes, fish, meats, vegetables, and fruit. It goes great on stews, soups, salads, and many other dishes. And the great thing about using it on meat is that you actually flavor the meat, unlike many other rubs that are not true flavorsome. This means that you get more value out of your food.

If you've been to a Mexican restaurant and seen how authentic their dishes are, chances are that they use a very salty mixture of black truffles to give them a wonderful, salty, almost-fishy flavor. If you've ever eaten rockfish that has been seasoned with black truffles, then you know that this salty treat is one of the best ways to enjoy fish. In fact, I use black truffles from time to time just for that salty treat. But it doesn't have to be fish you're after; this seasoning can be used on just about any food and it gives them a real exotic flavor that people love.

You can make this seasoning on your own by combining some rock salt, some lemon juice, and some food coloring. Most times, the food coloring is not necessary as it is already in the mixture, but it can give it a bit of color if you would like. Simply mix up your black truffle sea salt and pour it into a small airtight container, then add in all of the ingredients and shake until the powder is completely distributed throughout.

Many people use truffle salt to season their pizza sauce because it really brings out the flavor of the toppings, but you can also use it on just about anything. One thing you might want to try is to put a few Tables spoonfuls into a pot of water and bring it to a simmer. Then, just drop in your vegetables and let them simmer for about an hour or so. This will infuse your pasta and beans with Mediterranean flavors, and you'll find that you are in love with the way the flavor is carried through the meal.

Another Italian seasoning you might find used on just about everything is the Italian herbs blend. There are two herbs that are most often used and they are sage and anise. You can take a tiny bit of each herb and sprinkle them all over the surface of whatever you are making and let them sit for a little while. After a while, you will have a delicious seasoning blend in your hands, but one that also has a very earthy flavor that is almost lemony.

If you do not have any of these spices on hand, you can always substitute them for other kinds of seasonings. Perhaps you could use a teaspoon of oregano, a few tablespoons of thyme, a third of a cup of Rosemary, and perhaps even some white wine to give it a little bit of complexity. Another idea is to put some of your favorite spices into a food processor and grind them up a bit. This may be a great way to get some more of an ethnic flavor into your cooking without having to worry about adding salt. It will certainly be a unique flavor that is different from what you would get from an Italian black truffle salt.

There is no way that you can go wrong with truffles. They are a treat for those of us who do not like cheese. The flavors are intense, but you do not need to have a high tolerance for salt to enjoy a good truffle. Try cooking a dish with this salty treat today and see for yourself how it changes things up. Italian black truffle salt is definitely a must-have in our pantry when cooking for a crowd.