Longevity Health – The Best Anti Aging 4 Week Diet Plan

A longevity health plan, or simply a life extension diet can include multiple numbers of practices:

1. Nutrition and environmental detoxification

2. Quality vitamin and nutrient supplementation

3. Herbal therapy

4. Traditional Chinese Medicine

5. Chiropractic care

6. Acupuncture

7 Aesthetics and rehabilitative therapeutic massage

However, what is clear is that if you wish to achieve longevity in your daily life, then a healthy diet is essential. Therefore nutrition, quality vitamins, and nutritional supplements, and additional skincare products alongside a happy lifestyle and exercise are essential. You can also use longevity medicine for your health care.

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The Longevity Diet Plan:

A longevity diet plan is more of a collection of practical eating guidelines.

Just follow the 4 simple guidelines listed below each week to overhaul your existing diet and begin eating healthy without all the drama of a typical weight loss diet, as a longevity diet in itself is all about sustaining the right number of healthy calories.

Week 1 – Double Up on Veggies – Cut Back on Milk and Cheese

The first week, you'll drastically cut back on dairy products like cheese, milk, and ice cream and focus on doubling your vegetables while. Here's why:

Vegetables provide us with vitamins and antioxidants that protect our bodies from damage and the effects of aging. Firstly, research has shown that supplements cannot be substituted for food in their whole form for the same benefits.

Vegetables like carrots or cauliflower are also great at filling you up with nutritious food whilst being low in calories. Therefore avoid smothering them with cheese or a cream sauce!

Dairy products whilst good for babies and children who need high-calorie, fatty foods; for adults, it is the calcium we just require. Vegetables will give you calcium.

As we all know, dairy products add calories, raise your cholesterol and even increase your risk for some types of cancer. Removing dairy from your diet will therefore eliminate your overall risk of such illnesses.