What Is A Live Resin?

Following the trend I’ve set thus far, it's now time to talk about what very well may be the most misunderstood concentrate: live resin. Often dabbed or vaporized and produced using a unique process that involves the freezing of an entire cannabis plant prior to the conducting of the extraction process, the live resin has many notable differences from most of the other different types of concentrates.

Live resin is a new crowd favorite because of the many natural flavors and cannabinoids it contains. Some even say it's the best marijuana concentrate on the market! No other cannabis extract contains the flavors and scents that live resin does because the extraction process preserves the cannabinoids and terpenes in their freshest form. You can also try AAA strains online from various manufacturers.

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For starters, the starting material is flash frozen immediately after being harvested and kept at freezing temperatures throughout the duration of the extraction process. This allows the plant’s trichomes and terpenes to avoid conditions that are often detrimental to them, such as oxidation and light exposure.

As a result, live resin is often more flavorful than other concentrates of similar potency as the starting material’s terpene profile is highly preserved by this unique extraction process, making it a hit among concentrate connoisseurs. 

Live resins can vary dramatically in appearance, some being more akin to shatter whereas others are much more viscous. If you’re interested in live resin, many products possess intricate terpene profiles as well as high levels of potency, making them a great choice for concentrate aficionados.