Opportunistic Scavengers Opossum – That make Huge Mess

Like raccoons, Opossum are very opportunistic animals. They mainly eat food left behind by humans, such as pet food, trash cans, unprotected garbage or other foods that are easily found. You can have a stretcher at any time of the year. 

Opossum litter usually consists of up to 10 tillers per litter. They stay in their mother's pocket for the first few months of their life. For the next several months he rode on the back until he finally invited him to mortgage his own territory. Opossums are a very lonely animal from then on.

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As a defense mechanism, possums can open their teeth and growl anyone who approaches them. This is usually the most aggressive behavior they will display. Opossums are well known for their "opossum game" defense mechanism.

During this accident, the possum goes into a coma, which can take up to 4 hours. Their bodies become hard, and they emit an unpleasant odor from the anal glands that mimics the smell of a dead, rotting animal. We hope to prevent any potential threats to your safety.

The main living space of the Opossum is usually a limited space with easy access. They rarely create their own entry point if it takes a lot of effort. They use holes made by other animals, open holes for the foundation, holes in damaged soffits, or other open spaces in or around your home. 

In this way, they can damage the attic or crawl space and destroy insulation and defecation everywhere. They are also carriers of American fleas from cats and dogs, as well as many other parasites that can be transmitted to pets and humans. A pet infected with fleas is often an indicator that there are visitors in or around your home.