Automated Entry Gates to Improve Your Home

A good set of sliding doors is an attractive option for added security. British homeowners have a tradition of having their property enclosed by a fence. This is to protect children and pets, but it is also easy to get in and out of the driveway. 

Sliding gates and swinging gates are two options available to homeowners. However, the sliding gates offer a few benefits that swing gates don't. First, they slide down against the fence or hedge that is nearby when they open, hiding them from view. 

Also, swing gates have the disadvantage of not being able to open safely without hitting anyone or anything.

This electrical sliding gate option can be used for pedestrian and car entry and exit. The motor that drives the gate has a fixed-speed motor. To make the motor fully variable speed, it requires an electric controller with a clutch. 

The Cost Of Electric Gates: A Price Analysis

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An automatic sliding gate must have at least one warning light, usually a rotating light. This is to ensure that anyone using the gate or in its vicinity is aware of its intended movements and that they can move safely out of its way. Also, a legal notice should be posted warning of potential dangers.

A sliding gate can be difficult to open and close safely so that no one is in danger of being crushed. A sliding gate has an anti-crush system. This means that if they trap someone or something, the gate doesn't crush them. 

Once everything is completed, the gate can then be opened using remote fobs and gate security systems.