How To Make A Marble Flat Lay Background

White wallpapers are the most popular selection for some time today, but it appears that white marble is making its way into the very best!

I was always jealous of those bloggers with ideal marble countertops from well-lit kitchens until I understood that nearly all of them were not using real marble in any way. Making your marble backdrop is much simpler than you may think. You can buy marble backdrops online via

I left my own this week and have put up some interesting shots on my own Instagram. It cost me around $10, and now I will share with you just how you can produce your own!

The key for this particular background is marble contact paper. I bought mine on Amazon (you can find it here), and should you own Amazon Prime shipping is free!

Next, step your paper out to coincide with the dimensions of your face. You can produce your desktop as large as you need, but if you are only taking photographs of small objects like cosmetics products or workplace supplies, you truly don't require much space!

I covered a bit over half of my plank together with the newspaper, that was the complete width of the roll itself. Cut out the quantified bit of contact paper and set the rest apart.

Here is where things become tricky with just 1 set of hands, so, if you have somebody else around to help you out, this can go a good deal easier!

The strategy with putting the paper onto your surface would be to take things gradually to prevent bubbles from forming. I did this measure myself ended up with various bubbles, but also instructed me this stuff is rather simple to lift and reposition in case you mess up!