Get To Know About The Blades Of Pocket Knives

Knives have become a necessity these days, but it is true that the majority of people don't have proper guidance about them. A large number of people just go to the market and buy any ordinary pocket knife without knowing about its features. 

At the present time, knives are not a simple tool because there are many types of blades, different varieties of handles in different shapes are available in the market. There are some companies like Cherrycutlery that provide the best pocket knife in the USA.

Some of the different blade types of pocket knives are discussed below:

1. Clip Point

One of the most common blades found in pocket knives is a clip-point blade. In these cheap knives, the third part of the blade has a clip. The shape of the clip is either straight or concealed. Piercing can be done using clip-point blade knives. The tip is narrow, so you can only cut smaller things.

2. Drop Point

This type of blade has a straight spine before the tip. When you move down, the slopes also move down to meet the sharp-ended tip. Because the tip of these blades is wider which makes them more strong and durable.

3. Pen Blade

As folding knives are multipurpose tools, nowadays, a few cool pocket knives contain a small blade attached along with a bigger blade. This pen-shaped small blade helps users to do many small tasks that bigger blades can't perform. 

4. Sheep's Foot Shape Blade

It was specifically designed for farmers to cut the hooves of the goats or sheep. It has a very simple back that bends towards the edge of the tip. The edge of these blades is straight and it also provides a great cutting surface. This type of knife can be bought by searching for pocket knives for sale online.