Criminal Defense: Child Abuse

Child abuse has been an issue that many children suffer from their parents, family members and caregivers, nannies, or parents. It's a broad condition that does not just mean the presence of bruises, broken bones, and marks, but also that the abuse affects the mental and emotional capacities of children. 

Experts have defined child abuse from an alternative perspective, such as physical assault, physical violence, psychological abuse mental abuse, and emotional abuse. You can also get more information about child abuse attorneys in Florida via

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Physical abuse is any physical injury that is inflicted on children. Examples include beating, shaking, punching, hitting, burning, kicking, and others. Parents may be able to discipline their children in ways that hurt them in an extremely damaging way.

The punishment of physical force should not be the sole method to teach a child. Discipline can be taught in a variety of ways. The body of a child is so fragile that many of them died.

Emotional child abuse encompasses every act that could cause mental disorders as well as serious mental and behavioral issues. Also, it includes threats or terrorizing children. When someone shouts at them or bullies others, the behavior may be affected. 

If parents constantly argue and yell at one another children may be a victim of emotional and mental abuse. Being humiliated in the presence of others could be detrimental to their self-esteem.

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