Cloud-Based ERP Software Service Provider

SaaS-based ERP is preferred by small and medium-sized businesses. Gartner research shows that reduced costs and faster implementation are the main drivers of this evolution. 

Software-based ERP solutions as a service support customer organizations in providing ERP applications in a cloud environment. The ERP system software and related data are centrally hosted and accessible via the Internet. This application can help the organization to manage all the data in a single software. 

Although even large enterprises are migrating to the cloud ERP model, concerns about data security, network issues, and limited customization have persisted so far. However, continuous improvement is sure to give the delivery of SaaS-based ERP a much-needed boost in the near future.

Like any other technology, the ERP world is filled with many service providers. The products offered vary in many ways, including performance, features, capacities, etc. With so many options companies have, the choice is made not only based on features but also considering business needs and budget constraints.

The implementation of the company's ERP has resulted in a 100% increase in ROI in areas such as hospitality, finance, apparel, medical, etc. Epicor has also been recognized for achieving the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO) and lowest total software value for midsize businesses.