Types of CPR Certification Courses

Cardiopulmonary resuscitation, also known as CPR, is a procedure that is used to revive a person who has stopped breathing or has irregular heart function. It is worth looking into CPR certification. CPR saves lives. Many professions now require CPR certification.

For those looking to learn CPR, the primary level of training in adult CPR is available. There are many CPR certification courses available. Many courses teach you how to use an AED and how to give first aid. You can also look for the best cpr certification course via https://americancprinstitute.com/cpr-certification-online-courses/.

cpr certification courses

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Level A CPR

CPR Level A is a comprehensive course that will equip you with all the knowledge required to perform CPR on adults in emergencies.

The following topics are covered in this course:

  1. Learning how to identify risk factors and which can be avoided.
  2. Recognizing the most common symptoms of cardiac arrest.
  3. Recognizing the benefits of correct positioning for a patient in recovery

AED and CPR Level A

This course goes beyond the topics covered in Level A CPR. This course covers the safe use and necessity of AED's, the anatomy of the heart, and how to properly use AEDs in cardiac arrest victims.

This course covers all topics covered in Level C. It also teaches you why AEDs are necessary and how to safely use them on children and infants. This course also covers the anatomy of the heart and how to use AEDs safely on cardiac arrest victims.

All courses come with a manual. This article will clear up any confusion you might have about the type of CPR training that you would like to receive. Register now to get started.