What Type of Front Door Material Is Right for Your House?

Homeowners' front doors help visitors know what to expect for the rest of the home. They can set the tone and deter visitors from entering.

Homeowners mustn't take the job of replacing their front doors lightly. When choosing an exterior door for their home, homeowners should consider security, energy efficiency, design, and whether they will need interior door installation services.

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Security: A door's style can be enhanced by adding bronze or brass solid handle sets and locks. To maximize security in their home, homeowners can use security chains and peepholes, or make an appointment to have cameras installed.

Materials: Exterior doors can be made from one of three materials: fiberglass, wood, or metal (usually steel).

There are two types of wood doors available. The first is made of laminate or plywood and backed by a hardboard. This door is made of energy-efficient polyurethane and is intended to insulate. The second type of wood door is made entirely from solid wood. 

Steel doors offer homeowners security and durability. Steel doors are strong and won't crack or warp because they are made from the most durable materials available to door manufacturers.

Fiberglass doors are a good choice for homes in humid and harsh climates. Fiberglass doors are maintenance-free and offer homeowners greater protection than wooden doors.

Design: There are many options available to match any homeowner's design style. Homeowners can choose from frosted or patterned glass inserts, side, and transom lighting, and still have a beautiful front door.