Services Of Day Spa From Facial to Waxing

The day spa is located between the resort's spa and the lounge. It's closer to home than a resort spa and more of an oasis of relaxation and beauty than a lounge. In terms of price, daily spa treatments range between resort and lounge spas.

Women (and increasingly men too) rarely, if ever, visit resorts; go to the day spa from time to time, and frequently go to the gym (for hair and/or nail care). You can also book an appointment to get different salon services and also to hire professional makeup service via

Venice Day Spa - Best Salon & Spa in Venice FL

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Resort spas are usually part of a large (expensive) hotel. Typical spa services include massages, facials, scrubs, other skin beauty treatments, body wax masks, and body wraps.

The resort's spa also offers nature walks, yoga classes, detoxification, meditation gardens, and Ayurveda spa treatments, cooking classes, sun loungers, and acupuncture sessions.

They can be quite luxurious but remember: like resort room service, spas have no competition, so their prices are quite high.

The one-day spa is not a lounge. Salons mainly focus on hair or nails and then offer some services for wax masks or for side faces.

The perfect day spa is close enough that you won't have to wander around the city for long, but not in the nearest mall. You may not want to bump into your neighbors while trying to relax and recharge. This offers a variety of facial treatments, from express facials to multi-day facials.