Plumbing Solutions – What Is Pipe Bursting?

If you're struggling with blockages and stoppages within your drain pipes located in your region due to the shifting of the soil or because the hard water that is found in the region has affected the pipe's integrity and pipes, then you are probably considering all possibilities and collecting information on the most effective solutions. 

You might be wondering what exactly does Pipe Bursting is? It is the process of pulling a device into your existing pipe. An additional pipe will be connected to the device, and it is following behind it as it is pulled through. You can find the best burst pipe repair service through various online resources.

burst pipe repair

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When the device reaches the pipe that is currently in use, it blasts out the old pipe by expanding within it. While at the same time it secures the new pipe into place, replacing the previous one that broke and burst.

This type-in plumbing solution, like is the case with many solutions for underground pipe problems, such as the ones that are common – due to the clay soil shifting. It requires the need for excavating and drilling. Two areas will require digging and excavation.

One would be an excavation pit that needs to be dug to allow the insertion of the pipes that is containing the obstruction. The device is pulled through the pipe using cables. The cable is connected and pulled out from the opposite side of the pipe.