What Gear Do You Need To Start Boxing?

It can be intimidating to try something new. Although there are many things that you may not be clear on when it comes to starting boxing, the one thing you will all be concerned about is your boxing gear.

The whole area is so vague, you could spend thousands of dollars on boxing equipment or you could just spend close to nothing. You can also look for the best everlast boxing gloves (Which is also called ‘ guantes boxeo everlast ’ in Spanish via boxingroyale.com/es/boxeo/sacos-de-boxeo.html ) from various online sources.

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Boxing Gloves

Quite obviously, the very first thing you need to buy is boxing gloves. Sure, the ones at the gym could work but you should be aware that the hygiene of these gloves is questionable. 

You could use them to start, but we suggest getting your pair of gloves as soon as possible. Everlast or Venum gloves could be a decent option at the beginning. 


There is a range of high-quality boxing equipment at your disposal, including wraps. Most of the time, people invest a ton of cash into gloves. 

However, to preserve the integrity of your gloves, you need to ensure that you use wraps that will keep sweat and bacteria away from your gloves. But wraps don't just prolong the life of your gloves, they're also great for providing extra support and reinforcement to the wrist.