iPad: Is It Worth Buying One?

For those of us seriously considering buying an iPad, the inevitable question we all face is whether to get the 3G edition or not. It is true that people place more importance on 3G than storage capacity. You can now get to buy the best and wholesale ipads online.

Should You Buy an iPad?

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iPad is equipped with WIFI; It would be silly for internet devices not to have network capabilities, but why is choosing the iPad 3G such a dilemma for many? Now, for starters, you need a bigger bank to get one.

The regular 16GB WIFI iPad is $ 499 at the Apple Store, and you'll add $ 100 each to get versions up to 32GB and 64GB. Now, if you want a 3G iPad, you'll have to pay $ 130 more than the regular price. So the iPad 3G + WIFI 16GB is $ 629, and the 64GB edition is now a whopping $ 829.

The spike in costs might not be a problem for most people once it stops there, but it really isn't. AT&T and Verizon currently offer packages for the iPad. AT&T users can choose from a private plan that gives you 250MB for $ 14.99. 

Bandwidth per month and 2GB data plan for $ 25. Most people will sign up for 2GB because it is much more logical to get it because of the price. For personal use and if that bandwidth is sufficient, iPad 3G owners are looking for an additional $ 300 per year. 

For example, you buy a 16GB edition iPad 3G, as many people face the same dilemma and pay $ 629. By the end of the first year, this iPad will cost you $ 929, and if you stick with the plan after that, you're looking for another $ 300 each. year.