Where You Can Find A Ketubah In Israel?

Several websites offer interfaith couples a variety of artistic styles and texts. You can also purchase ketubah at many local synagogue gift shops or Judaica stores. When ordering a ketubah online or from a store, choose a ketubah with the artistic style that you want, then you can figure out which of the available text options is right for you. 

If you are looking for ketubah designs, you can also browse https://ketubahome.com/collections/ketubah-prints.

Ketubot is usually written in Hebrew and English (although it can only be in one or the other). Some couples choose to adapt the tuba to another language that has personal meaning to them.

Beautiful personalized Ketubot made in three languages added to Hebrew and English such as Chinese, Russian or Spanish.

You may choose to make your own tuba because you have a custom design for your tube, or because you want to write your own text on the tube, or maybe both.

There is a tubal artist who will work with you in selecting a custom tubing. You should be involved in this process months in advance of your wedding date to allow the time required for this process.

If you're an artist, you may choose to make your own ketubah, or you may want to ask a family member or artistic friend to make one for you.