How to Create an Elegant Look with Eye and Cheek Palette?

We always want to create a distinctive new look and while going to an event we always want our daughters to like to look at us. Not just in beauty, but in timeless elegance and fashion. You can also visit this site to buy kids' makeup.

A new trend has started where mother and daughter do the same styling (like the same clothes, hairstyles, and makeup). Isn’t it too cool? But for this, you need to create an elegant look to catch everyone’s eye.

A look which causes other people to stand up and take note. One which will inspire other mothers and girls, so that they wish to appear as lovely and glistening as you.

You'll definitely make this come true by just staying pure beauty you were born with, to make this exceptional appearance. You need to do subtle makeup for you and your daughter so that the makeup looks fresh and natural.


Utilize your complexion, your lips, cheeks, lips, and hair color to make this style in real. Coordinate the colors of your wardrobe in order that they match the gorgeous color pallet.

The makeup colors are to stay the same. The colors used as eye shadow are moderate browns (this is the base of the eye makeup), darker reds for or lighter colors ( peach shade) for blending and highlighting the cheeks. 

You can also use black lashes to cancel the brown, burgundy, or pale brown color blush and burgundy eyebrow using a milder earthy burgundy colored lipstick to complete.