Grow Cannabis at Home

There are various things you need to take care of while growing and repeating cannabis at home or indoors. Various doubts are there in mind on growing cannabis at home, hence this guide will help you by clearing your doubts. You can get additional help on how to grow cannabis from if you still counter some questions.

Some of the facts are listed below which you can check:

Since cannabis cultivation requires far more energy and you might not have a natural source of light when planting cannabis indoor so, you would need a source of good light. For the crop to begin flowering, it's extremely important to maintain your lights for 12 hours. 


If you would like to grow cannabis trees up to 14 inches, or approximately 16 inches you need to take proper care of the plant. It is very rare but the cannabis trees have also grown up to 19-inches.

The procedure of drying and reaping is also simple. Don't water them the whole week before harvesting.  Cut the crops and pluck the big leaves to put the same in a paper bag or box and then stir them daily. 

Within three months, the buds will probably be dried and also you can enjoy smoking. Isn’t growing cannabis indoors simple? So why don't you try it, expand the plant, and then redeem a lot of its advantages?