Application Guide for Mining and Slurry Pumps

Slurry pumps are well-known for their durability and ability to withstand extreme conditions. The process industry mainly uses centrifugal pumps. The ratio of liquid pumps to the slurry is almost 5:95. The operating costs of these slurry pumps & parts are almost 20:1, which is why slurry pumps are so popular.

Introduction to Slurry Pumps

The slurry pump, a special type of pump that is designed for handling slurry, is unique. Slurry pumps are more durable than water pumps and can withstand greater wear and tear. Technically speaking, slurry pumps can be described as a heavier and more robust version of a centrifugal pump that is capable of handling tough and abrasive tasks.

Slurry pumps are simpler than other pumps in design and construction. Slurry pumps are simple to use, but they can withstand harsh environments and have high durability. These pumps are essential in many industries. These pumps are essential to all wet processes.

What's Slurry?

In principle, it is possible to hydro transport any solid. Particle size and shape, however, may act as limiting factors based on whether they can pass through pump tubes without creating blockages. Under the broad category of slurry, there are 4 major classifications that can help you identify a suitable type of slurry pump that fulfills your demands and meets your business requirements.

Type 1 Mildly Abrasive

Type 2 Slightly Abrasive

Type 3 Significantly More Abrasive

Type 4 Highly Abrasive

If you want to move highly abrasive type 4 slurries, the ideal choice would be Oil sand pumps. The ability to handle high volumes of slurry and the enhanced withstanding capability is what gives an edge to slurry pumps. They are specifically designed to hydrotransport large-particle solids and ensure better wear performance in rough conditions.

Efficient Pumping Equipment for the Mining Industry

Today's mining industry faces many difficult challenges. Its importance lies in the fact that it is the source of minerals essential for the production of everyday items. On the other hand, this industry faces a volatile commodities market and increasing energy costs. Mining companies must be efficient, productive, and profitable, all while adhering to environmental and safety regulations.

Whether on the surface or underground, mining operations require highly engineered and reliable pumping equipment; from water supply and distribution to the circulation of process water and chemical solutions, Mining pumps from can endure even the most abrasive conditions found in mines thanks to their robust designs manufactured in industry-leading materials.

The extraction and processing of minerals require efficient and robust equipment and companies have the pumping solutions for these applications. These pumping systems can be custom-engineered to suit any specific needs.

A reliable water supply is very important for mining operations. A split case and vertical pumps can transfer and distribute water from different sources (e.g. groundwater, surface water (rivers and lakes), and seawater).

Horizontal and vertical pumps can operate in the control and management of surface water and groundwater to allow mining operations in relatively dry conditions.

Pumps for circulating and distributing process water especially in mines with a negative water balance and where conservation of water is of vital importance.