Some Things to Consider When Choosing a Mobile App Development Platform

Mobile apps are a great way for enterprises to increase their brand's value and offer their customers a better experience. It is important to choose the right mobile app development platform before you start developing a mobile application. 

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Mobile App Development - Step by step guide for 2021 and beyond

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Here are some suggestions to help you choose the right MADP:

1. Market Share

Learn about the market share of each platform to help you choose the best mobile app development platform. Android by Google, for instance, runs about 80% of all mobile devices worldwide. 

Apple's iOS, however, runs approximately 14% of all global mobile devices.

2. Demographics

It is important to consider your demographics when choosing between a number of mobile development platforms. Android users tend to be from lower-income groups and love Android because these devices are affordable.  

3. Content

The content categories play an important part in choosing the right mobile app development platform. Research shows that iOS users tend to look at a wide range of apps when searching for a mobile app to download. 

4. Conversion rates for Browsing to Buy

The conversion rates for browsing-to-buy are higher for iOS users, according to studies. 22 percent of iPhone users are more likely than others to purchase from their smartphone.

5. Launching the App

Android is the best mobile app development platform if you want to quickly launch your app in an app store. It's easier to launch an Android app on Google Play than Apple's App Store because Apple requires that every app goes through a thorough approval process.