Cytokine Detection And Measurement With Multiplex Technologies

Cytokines are molecules that cells in the immune system use to send signals to one another. They are essential for the accumulation of immune system molecules at the site of invading pathogens. To get the information on multiplex ELISA Kit For cytokine (4-Plex), you may browse the various sites over the internet.

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Cytokines are significant components of biological research because they provide insight into physiological processes and infection pathways, as well as serving as biological markers for a variety of diseases. Depending on their qualities, they are classed as glycoproteins, proteins, or peptides.

Multiplexing technology has become an important tool for detecting cytokines. Analyses can be carried out with high speed and accuracy using hundreds of magnetic balls or specially prepared microspheres. To provide a unique spectral address, the microspheres are internally stained with a dye combination.

When mixed with the sample, the molecules on the outside of the ball react to the molecules they want to capture. The disclosure particle is then added and transferred through the instrument which determines the spectral address of the microsphere and quantifies the signal from the captured molecule, thereby reporting the sample content.

Research by the Southwest Foundation for Biomedical Research for Cytokine Detection verified the effectiveness of the multiplex test. This research concludes with the development of a test that can identify 20 non-human primate cytokines and chemokines (NHP).