Cold Laser Therapy for Osteoarthritis Knee Pain

Cold laser therapy may seem like a treatment that one would read about in a science fiction novel. Just in the past decade, however, it has become a recognized and oftentimes preferred treatment for osteoarthritis knee pain sufferers who want to avoid invasive procedures.

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Cold lasers are handheld, non-surgical devices that are used in a clinical setting. They work by emitting specific wavelengths of light thereby stimulating activity in the tissue on a cellular level. Once the metabolic rate of the cell is increased it initiates a number of beneficial biochemical events.

The most obvious benefit is a reduction in both pain and inflammation. For example, a randomized, double blind, placebo-controlled study reported in Photomedicine and Laser Surgery found that laser therapy significantly relieved osteoarthritis knee pain and swelling in patients. The study also found that the range of motion increased in the knee joint, and there was less sensitivity and tenderness around the knee joint.

Recently, a detailed analysis by questionnaire found that 79.8% of patients diagnosed with moderate to severe arthritis in the medial aspect of the knee joint who were treated with cold laser therapy reported feeling moderately to a great deal better and their quality of life improved after completing just five weeks of care.