What Is Omnichannel: Definition

Multichannel – also spelt Omni-Channel – is a multi-channel sales approach that allows customers to shop seamlessly, whether they shop online from a desktop or mobile device, by phone or at a physical store.

The multi-channel or Omnichannel (also known as ‘omnicanal’ in the French language) approach means that the channels for sales, advertising and communication are integrated in the background.

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For example, a client service representative interacting with a customer in a store can immediately refer to previous purchases and customer preferences as easily as a client service representative over the phone or a customer service web chat representative. 

Our customers can use a desktop computer to check inventory in stores on the company's website, then purchase the item using a smartphone or tablet, and pick it up at a selected location. The multi-channel approach improves customer service by providing multiple communication options. Backchannel integration also allows more flexibility as customers can switch between channels during interactions.

Omnichannel vs. Many channels

The prefix Omni- comes from the Latin omnis, which means anything or everyone. Multichannel means a lot. Although omnichannel recommends covering more channels, the differences between omnichannel and multichannel outnumber them.

As a multi-channel category, Omnichannel is based on various methods of promoting and distributing products such as physical stores, websites and mobile applications, and allows customers to interact with problems or problems via telephone, email, webchat and social media, for example, Contact issues.