Quality Assurance Tests Used In Packaging Industries

For best protection of the product during transportation and storage, it is essential to ensure that the best quality of packaging materials is used for packaging of products.

The manufacturers need to test the materials and products produced by them through multiple packaging testing methods for better quality. 

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Here are some of the quality assurance tests that are widely used in packaging industries.

Coefficient of Friction test

Coefficient of friction is the property of a material that causes it to oppose any motion in it. Exact determination of the resistance offered by a packaging material is very necessary to decide the factor of safety during storage and transportation. The coefficient of friction tester is an ideal instrument that provides an exact measurement of the friction offered by a packaging product.

Box Compression Test

The compression strength of the packaging box is an essential attribute that needs to be tested to decide the suitability of a material for certain working conditions. The box compression tester is an ideal testing instrument that helps in determining the box compression strength under specific loads.

Dart Impact Test

The dart impact test is used for determination of the impact resistance of a freely falling dart. The test procedure is carried out by exerting varying effects on the plastic films from a freely falling dart from different heights. 

It is used for determining the minimum amount of force that is required for the failure of the film under different loading conditions. For this test procedure, a dart impact tester is used for high precision and accuracy.