Peloton vs Echelon: The $1500 Question

The Peloton bike is the most popular indoor cycling bike by a long shot, but there are lots of other great bikes you can buy. One of the most popular comparisons of indoor cycling bikes is the Peloton vs Echelon bike. The reason so many people compare the Peloton vs Echelon is because the price difference between the two is substantial, but both bikes largely offer the same riding experience. Both the Peloton and the Echelon have a magnetic resistance flywheel as well as a belt driven drive train. They are both black bikes and relatively the same size as well. You can see all the details of these two indoor cycling bikes in the Peloton vs Echelon video created by TailHappyTV on Youtube if you want to know just how similar and different these bikes are.

The big difference in the Peloton vs Echelon is the price, one is basically two thousand dollars, while the other can be bought on Amazon for under five hundred dollars. TailHappyTV explains the Peloton is clearly the better quality machine, but the Echelon is also a really good bike. If you have the money to spare you might enjoy a better riding experience with the Peloton, but you'll have over a thousand dollars if you get the Echelon. Watch the full Peloton vs Echelon comparison if want to know the full details.