About NHL Licensed Super Chexx PRO Bubble Hockey Table

Super Chexx Pro has more than 30 years of life that is unmatched and offers high-quality bubble hockey tables for your home or business. Choose a super chexx pro hockey table with NHL licensed with your favorite team, to have hockey throughout the season. You can check this useful reference to know more about bubble super chexx PRO Bubble hockey table. 

NHL Licensed Super Chexx PRO Bubble Hockey Table

Select the Free Play Home Edition to play unlimited matches or improvements to editions operated with coins to have real nuances of Arcade Play.USA licensed team.Your home team will be on the left side of the base and the away team will be on the right side.

Your whole family will enjoy sound, lights, and realistic gameplay from the Super Chexx Pro bubble hockey table. This table will be a great addition to your men's cave, Arcade, children's or office space!

Enjoy free shipping on each table order:

  • Fully customization of your NHL® Super Chexx Pro® Bubble Hockey Hockey License
  • Choose from 34 NHL® team jerseys handed over for your home and team
  • Customized central ice logo, player replica shirt, and horn sound on goal scores
  • Custom NHL® base, cabinets & decals featuring all 31 Primary and Secondary NHL® logo teams.
  • Designed for DIY home installations that are easy without reducing durability
  • Dome Lexan which cannot be destroyed where you can see all your best games
  • Aluminum Cabinet Built for Strength and Playability
  • Realistic 5 "Jumbotron with LCD scoreboard and sound game in the game
  • Durable polyethylene base
  • Made in the US since 1983
  • Choose a free game option to play without coins
  • LED lighting, spotlights, and color effects available
  • Upgrade coin operated arcade quality available
  • External control on the Deluxe home edition for fast and easy programming