How To Organize A Vintage Style Tea Party In South Florida?

Afternoon tea in South Florida is naturally about the elegant ceremony of drinking tea. You'll want to make certain to have plenty of gorgeous teapots and cups that come with saucers. The present isn't the right time to put tea bags in cups. Ideally, the tea will be served on a gorgeous platter. 

Be sure to bring all the other ingredients, including creamers of milk lemon wedges, and sugar lumps (with serving spoons). Serve several different kinds of tea. Be sure to include ones that are caffeine-free, such as chamomile. There are many cafes available where you can go for afternoon tea such as Serenity Garden Tea House & Cafe in West Palm Beach, FL.

In the tea house, a table is set up for tea, with white linen, fresh flowers, high-end porcelain, sterling cutlery, and obviously an array of mouthwatering delicate cakes and sandwiches. Elegant and timeless A tea party is an ideal means of entertaining as has been in times past. The modern-day vintage tea parties are a lot less formal and significantly more entertaining than their earlier counterparts.

While the current fascination with everything vintage has without a doubt been fueled by the cult shows. You won't be able to complain If your vintage tea celebration incorporates Edwardian cutlery and Victorian china or even introduces authentic vintage-style items. An event that is vintage should reflect the look and feel of the past instead of trying to recreate every single detail. Bloater paste sandwiches and seeds cake has given way to cups of tea and canapes in the exciting new world of the tea party that was once a classic.