Tips on Choosing Toys For Toddlers

How can you decide which gifts are best for your child? This article will give you some tips on choosing toys that will help your child grow, challenge, and develop her thinking, language, and social-emotional skills.

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Although it might seem easy to choose toys for toddlers, when you walk into a store, all that is easy is feeling overwhelmed. There are many toys available for toddlers. What are the best toys for your child? Here are some suggestions for toys that will help your child grow.

Find toys that inspire your child's imagination.

Your child's third year is a time when his creativity takes off. As your child creates and performs stories, you should look for toys that he can play with. Playing pretend builds language and literacy skills as well as problem-solving and sequencing skills.

You can also add some "getting ready for reading" toys.

Your child will be able to read and write early with books, magnetic alphabet letters, as well as art supplies such as crayons, markers, and fingerpaints. Your child will enjoy looking at real-life props such as magazines, take-out menus, and catalogs. They also get familiar with letters, text, and print.

Look for toys that encourage active play in your child's life.

As toddlers grow stronger and more confident in their bodies, they perform all sorts of physical tricks. Your job is to applaud your child's latest playground accomplishment. Toys that encourage your child to practice and learn new skills are a good choice.