What Tracking Solutions Benefit the Tunnel Industry?

This article discusses possible uses of sensors for positioning and condition in the tunnel industry and their advantages.

Tunnels are used to construct railroad tracks, subways roads, canal systems, roads, and mining. The maintenance of tunnels is complex and risky. In tunnels where work is being done, indoor tracking and condition monitoring could be used to enhance safety in the workplace and help organize the process more effectively.

Below, examples of use and the consequent benefits of using secure communication tunnel companies are discussed.


In the hazardous working conditions for tunnel workers, serious accidents may happen. If this occurs it is crucial to seek out the injured person as quickly as is possible and offer medical treatment. In addition, it may be imperative to exit the tunnel in the event of a fire or the emission of dangerous gasses. In these situations, it is essential to identify who has already have left the tunnel, and who remains in danger. 


The use of tracking solutions can help in the management of work processes. Finding workers is a way to ensure efficient distribution of staff. It is possible to ensure that employees are placed exactly in the areas they're needed and only do jobs for which they have adequate experience and knowledge.

To alert the worker via phone the solution is a client-based one that includes feedback channels are implemented. When the beacon that the worker is carrying is identified, the pre-planned procedure begins.