Women And The Brand Tokenism

For the most part, special women around the world are offered free drinks, free makeup, and deep discounts on clothing and accessories.

But what women really want is freedom, equality, and security. While this requirement may seem too "difficult" to meet, there are some brands that have transcended the notion of consumerist capitalism and completely forced viewers not to think about women's lives.

The advertisement for this brand brings a new twist to the concept of living for oneself. Given that this is a one-stop-shop, people expect the advert about making life more comfortable for homemakers. You can read the authentic, real, inclusive brand magazine that empowers women.

Instead, the ad asked a woman to momentarily forget about her household chores and take some time for herself. The plans with his gang consisting of a 50-year-old girl seem incomprehensible to an unjust husband who believes he cannot survive without his wife.

But the mistress of the house went ahead with her plans, full of tongue-tied comments on her husband's cheeks.

On this International Women's Day, let's try to do more than just lip service for the benefit of women. Stimulates the imagination, creates conversation, and changes patriarchal thinking.

And don't stop with just one day promoting the cause and the next publicity for women's insecurity. Until then, happiness on International Women's Day was controversial.