All About Yeast Metabolites In Poultry

Due to their negative effects on birds, humans, and animals, in-feed antibiotics used as growth stimulators in poultry diets have been restricted. Recent restrictions on antibiotic use in animal feed have been implemented by many countries and other developing countries.

Live yeast (LY) is one of the most potential microorganism-derived products that can be used in animal ration as a dietary supplement and as an alternative to antibiotics for animals and a possible food supplement. You can also browse online resources to find more information about the yeast metabolites in poultry.

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Materials and methods

The University's Animal Care and Use Committee approved the handling of broilers in the experiment of yeast metabolites in poultry.

Experimental design, broilers, and management

This trail was completed by a total of 224 Arbor Acres male Broilers aged 1 day. They weighed an average of 45.23 + 0.50 g. Broilers had free access to fresh water and food. All experimental broilers received the Newcastle disease (ND) vaccine on days 7 through 28 and the Infectious bursa virus (IBD) vaccine on days 14 and 21. Each treatment had 7 replicate hens and 8 birds. The feed formulation for the basal diet met all nutrient requirements as per the National Research Council.


Performance in growth

In the finisher period (22-42), the ADG was greater in LY-fed than in CTR diets. FCR was lower in both the LY and CRT-fed groups in the finisher period (day 22-42).