The Necessity For a Pool Cover

.What is a swimming pool cover for? Mainly because the energy of the pool is reduced in different ways. The main reason for such energy loss in swimming pools is evaporation.

The loss of water through evaporation consumes a lot of energy. It takes one Btu (British Thermal Unit) to raise one pound of water by one degree. In contrast, at 80F, every pound of evaporated water dissipates 1048 Btus of heat in the pool.

There are certain conditions such as temperature and humidity, pool temperature, and wind speed that affect this process. Higher evaporation rates occur when humidity is lower and pool temperatures and wind speeds are higher. 

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Doing certain things, such as adding windbreaks, shrubs, and trees will help reduce this evaporation. These elements must be very close to the pond and very high so as not to cause increased turbulence over the pond which further increases the rate of evaporation. Also, don't let them shade the pool from a hot source of the sun.

Use a pool cover to further reduce evaporation. This saves money and reduces heating costs. This way you can relax in the warm water, which lasts until the next day. Because heat loss is minimized by the pool cover even at low night temperatures.

Maintaining a pool is very simple and easy with a quality cover. You'll spend more time actually swimming and less time escaping the vacuum of the pool. Less cleaning time means more time to enjoy the pool as intended