Treating a Cold Sore With Proven Cold Sore Treatment

Cold sores, commonly referred to as fever blisters, are groups of tiny blisters that form around the lip and around the outside of the mouth. They typically begin with a tingling sensation that lasts for several hours before they turn into blisters which then pop out. Cold sores can last from one to 14 days with no treatment. The skin surrounding the blisters may be affected by inflammation. 

Cold sores can be due to the herpes virus of type 1 (HSV-1). When you contract this kind of virus, the virus is hidden within our bodies for the rest of the time in a dormant condition until it's activated and results in sores that are cold. Lysine could speed up the healing process by a few days. You can also know more about cold sore medications online. 

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It's used to produce a protein that helps to improve the immune system of your body. Lysine is not produced by the body, therefore, we need to obtain it through supplements or food. Tea is a natural source of tannic acid, a chemical that is believed to aid in controlling the outbreak of cold sores. Tea tree oil is applied to the sore, and it will heal within a couple of days.

Insufficient sleep, and a poor diet can trigger sores from colds. Stress can degrade the immune system and allow the virus to return. It is possible to have your immune system strengthened with multivitamin supplements. It is recommended to increase your diet by including more fresh vegetables and fruits, do regular exercise, and take plenty of sleep to ease stress to stop cold sores from occurring.