Why You Should Book A Trip To Egypt

Egypt Is an ideal destination for those who love architecture, art, and history. Egypt has a variety of ancient treasures, including tombs, temples, pyramids and museums. 

In Luxor you can find one third of the world's historical monuments, which include those of the Luxor temples and the Karnak, as well as the Temple of Queen Hatshepsut and a multitude of tombs located in the Valley of the Kings, Valley of the Queens and the Nobles' tombs. If you are interested in booking an Egypt trip you can click to youregypttours.net/egypt-travel-packages to make your  journey memorable. 

egypt trip package

For a day trip package, visit Temples in Abydos along with Dandera. Cruise on the Felucca and then stroll through the Souk to purchase the must-have souvenirs. Cruise along the Nile with one of the many Nile Cruises to relax and take in the stunning sunsets, take part in the Galabia celebration and visit the temples of Edfu as well as Kom Ombo.

Go on a camel ride, see his treasures at King Tut and browse for papyrus, gold cartouches, perfume, and Egyptian Cotton.

To the north on the Delta The city of Alexandria is a great place to explore Greek Roman history with Catacombs as well as an Roman Amphitheater, Montazah Palace and the underwater diving museum Cleopatra's Palace.

A trip to Egypt is for the majority of people the experience of a lifetime that you'll never forget.